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Aerospace 3d

UAV Specialist Trainers, Operators and Consultants, working in both the manned and unmanned sectors 
offering bespoke approaches to Unmanned Aircraft solutions for Commercial and Defence Sectors.
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We offer access to research and education resources throughout our licensing and renewals process, in order to educate, inform and inspire our clients and students therefore promoting and implementing the safe and correct use of drones.

RPC Revalidation Skills Test Booking

Get your Remote Pilot Certificate renewed and simplify your RPC Revalidation Skills Test by booking here right now and complete the Theory component prior to meeting for the Practical Flight Test.
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Preparation for RPC Skills Tests

Know what to expect and what to prepare, prior to your Initial or Revalidation Skills Tests. Complete your theoretical Skills Test Questions online prior to your Skills Test.

RPC Theory Refresher Course

Revise the current aviation theoretical subjects, necessary Airlaw and learn how to conduct practical Flight Planning Procedures for real flight operations.

This course is excellent prior to your Initial or Revalidation Skills Tests with a DFE, induction onto an ROC or as a general knowledge booster as a Remote Pilot.

Drone Training and Operations Programmes


We are Aerospace 3D

Our aim, as a globally respected service provider, is to design the best solution for your business by using superior quality products which have been tested by Aerospace 3D, advising on the legal application of a drone solution and consulting on the essential components required for your specific needs.

We offer revolutionary prices whilst leading the way for drone operations and business solutions.We realize the full potential of the use of drones and aim to drive a new era of development, growth and productivity within the industry by ensuring that the correct equipment (drone) is used for its intended purpose therefore maximizing efficiency.

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Tel : +27 82 856 4532

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

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